onsdag 10. april 2013

 Takket være supersnille ''surrehue'' aka solveig Engevold kan jeg nå legge ut en engelsk versjon av Smurfeplutt-lua. tusen takk for hjelpen, kjære du :)

Thanks to ''surrehue'' aka Solveig Engevold may I now publish the English version of 'Smurfeplutt- hat'' recipe. Knit and enjoy


By Smurfa

Yarn: Pickles Merino Fine Merino/ Drops Ekstra fine Merino

Needles: 3,5 mm

Size: This is a very stretchy hat, will fit from 9 months to 2-3 years

Cast on 12 st, knit gartherstitch, for 12 rows. When you get to the last st of
every needle, you take the st off, whith yarn infront of it,
without knitting it.
Row 1: *K1, knit in front and back of the next st (=2 st in one), k rest of st. Remember not to
knit the last st.
Row 2 : K all st.*
Repeat row 1-2, untill you have 20 st on needle.
Knit 8 rows of garther st.
Row 1: K1, k2tog, k rest of st. Remember not to knit the last st.
Row 2: K all st.
Repeat row 1-2 untill you have 12 st on needle.*

Knit 50 rows of garther st. (for a 5 years old, I knit 4-6 rows extra)

Knit the next earflap the way you knitted the first, repeating *-*

Knit 12 rows, cast off. Sew the edges together.

Top of hat:

Pick up 1 st in each st along the edgeband.( photo 2) Be shure to pick the st up from under the edgemask (the one you didn´t knit) This will make a pretty edge. Turn the project inside out, so that this edge comes to the outside. If you get a small hole here, you can fix this when you fasten the treads.

Row 1: K 2 st, m1, *k4, m1* repeat from *-* to end. ( = about 95 – 96 st)

(When you m1, do not pick up between st, use another method, because this method
will effect the look of the hat.)

Knit st st for 11-12 cm, make contrast stripes where you like the, to be.

Next row you *K19, place marker* and repeat 5 times. (= 5 markers)

Row 1: *slip one st knitwise, k1, pull slipped st over knitted st, knit to 2 st before marker,
k2tog, move marker*

Row 2: K al st.

Repeat row 1-2, 3 times. Then knit row 1 on every row, stop when there is 4 st left. Use these 4 st to
make a icord. Stop after about 4 rounds.

Fasten loose ends, decorate, and enjoy a happy toddler!

Look at the step by step pictures of the Norwegian recipe:
1.This is the edge/earflaps before it has been sewn together.

2. With the red dots I have tried to show you where you are supposed to pick up the st. The holes are
wery defined under the edgemask you didn`t knit.

3. What it looks like when you have picked up the st around. Turn the projeckt inside out.

4.This is the edge after the hat has been turned.

5.What it looks after the increases. Here I choose to make a YO an and made shure to twist it on the

next row, while knitting it. (so you don´t get a hole), and I think this is the prettiest way to do it.

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